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Management And Rental offers a range of management & lettings options that will suit every property owner.

Main services

Annual Fee – 500 EUR + fixed commission from rent
Full Management And Rental
We offer full management and rental services to people who wish to get the maximum return from their investment. This option is designed for landlords who want us to take care of the complete tenancy from start to finish. This allows the property owner to simply receive their rent payments and have the confidence that their property will be perfectly maintained at any time. Services include: Valuation & advice Market the Property (tour... Find out more
Property Rental – 15%
Rental Only
This service is dedicated to property owners who already have organized their property maintenance and cleaning personally or with the help of other service providers. We will market your property on the local and international market through the means of tour operators, travel agents, magazines and other websites. Our team will meet tenants at the airport/railway station upon request. Apart from that we organize individual animations like... Find out more
€ 250 per year
Maintenance Only
This service is created for property owners who wish not to rent their apartment / villa or wish to do it themselves. We will look after and maintain your property making sure it is in excellent condition at any time. Our staff of hygienists will do the cleaning, refreshment, bed making, airing the rooms, laundering towels and linen, cleaning tiles in the bathroom, cleaning windows and cleaning carpets and furniture. Your property will be... Find out more
€ 5 - € 10 per sq m
Maintenance Of Communal Areas
We have created this service for the specific needs of holiday complex owners who wish to concentrate only on managing their development. The looks of communal areas are of crucial importance in a competitive business like tourism. The service includes dusting and polishing all common skirting boards, windows, window frames, window sills, doors, mirrors, lift doors, door handles, changing bulbs if needed, vacuuming the whole area, cleaning... Find out more
€ 125 per year
Accountancy and Taxes
If you are a foreign citizen and own property through a limited company then you have several legal obligations as paying property and company taxes.Therefore services of a qualified accountant are highly advisable. Your annual property tax is due till March each year for the liability for the previous year. The deadline is the same for applying in the tax services with an annual tax declaration for your company. If you wish us to take... Find out more

Additional Services

Interior Design and Furnishing
Decorating an apartment can be an enormous challenge and requires a lot of time, creativity and patience. We have a solution for those who don’t have any of the above but still want to feel comfortable in their new home or want a decent furnish for the apartment they are renting out. We offer custom furnish packages based on a fixed budget as well as luxurious interior design. If money is not a problem and you are after a more modern and... Find out more
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Landscaping And Gardening
Well landscaped garden brings new life to every property. Our design team starts with your vision and ideas and combines it with creativity and knowledge. With our unique concept, design and the ability to understand the needs of our clients, we can provide you with a special kind of service and attention. We will work with you ideas and budgets to make your vision a reality. Once the goal is achieved we can guarantee top quality maintenance... Find out more
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Swimming Pool Maintenance
It is important to know what you are doing when maintaining a swimming pool .Why spend hours of your precious leisure time trying to get it right, when this could be done for you at very competitive price. Our services are designed to allow you to spend more of your valuable time relaxing and less of it worrying about the condition of your pool. Services include: Cleaning of pool walls and floor Cleaning of water Cleaning of... Find out more
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Repairs and Refurbishment
We carry out all property renovation works, guaranteeing you that the work will be done quickly and efficiently. Extensive knowledge, experience and a sound base of well trained employees have allowed the company to flourish in a competitive and dynamic niche market ranging from a simple extension of your home, a complete property renovation to a brand new construction project. Our company offers low cost property repairs and... Find out more
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Life and Property Insurance
Protect your home and family. We can assist you in choosing a good insurance partner. In the process of our work, we have established good relationship with insurance brokers and agents. We can offer you the following services: Property insurance in case of: Fire, Burglary, Dwellings and Household The subject-matter insured is immovable and movable property owned or under the responsibility of the Insured. Life Insurance: Endowments,... Find out more
€ 50 per document
Translation And Legalization
Do you have your notary deeds or company documents in Bulgarian? Do you have difficulties reading and understanding them? Do you know that in order to use your deeds as an official document all over Europe and with all bank authorities you have to translate it and legalize it with the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice? The translations are done by sworn translators, registered in the “Consular... Find out more
Reoccurring Payment of Communal Bills
This service is designed for people who do not have the time and ability to handle the monthly bills for their overseas property. Our aim is to allow you enjoy your holiday and leave the everyday hassle to us. All of your bills will be received at our mailing address and will be sorted in the deadline specified by the supplier. Thus you won't get the inconvenience of being disconnected. Moreover every time you get disconnected you get a... Find out more