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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Every owner of a building or a plot is obliged to pay annual property tax. In addition to the real estate tax, owners also pay waste-collection fees unless they are unsubscribed from it. † Once you purchase a property in Bulgaria you have to declare it in the local Tax services. You submit a standard form along with a copy of your notary deed. This must be done in 3 month period after the purchase date. Otherwise you will be charged... Read more
Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Bulgaria is a much less mature market than other European property markets such as Spain. However Bulgaria has enjoyed a lot of interest recently and its tourism industry is growing at the fastest rate in Europe. Bulgaria is expected to enjoy 20 million annual tourists by 2010. While Bulgarian buy-to-let properties are still in their infancy, there are strong pointers for a healthy future in the rental market. Here is an outline of the... Read more
MANAGER Magazine in Bulgaria has recently published an interview with  George Kadiev who is an expert in Financial markets and macroeconomics. He is a former vice-minister of finance and currently the owner  of the CEEMarketWatch forecast and analysis Agency, which observes emerging markets in Central an East Europe. Here is a part of this interview: - Mr. Kadiev , is the revenue from VAT overestimated or underestimated this year? - It... Read more
The renting market in Bulgaria is now due to start its real growth. After the real boom of the new developments in the country and the great property investments that have been made in Bulgaria the demand for good property management is already a fact. Those services are directly connected with the developing of the renting market. On its hand it might be devided in two major categories : Holiday lettings and Residential lettings... Read more
Tuesday, May 13, 2008
According to¬† the report announced by the chairman of the National¬† Association for Spa Tourism Stanimir Stankov , more than 128 000 tourists have¬† visited Bulgarian spa hotels during the last year. He has outlined the three most popular spa resorts in Bulgaria ‚Äď Velingrad, Sandanski and Hisaria. Vyrshetz also has great potential but has not been developed enough yet . For example after the spa hotels where developed in Velingrad¬† the... Read more
                         Greek Invasion on the Property Market in Bulgaria Greek invasion has been noticed on the property market on the Balkans and Bulgaria is leading for the past 2 years. There is interest by Greek building companies, mainly such from Northern Greece that build a number of residential complexes, shopping centers and office buildings in Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia and lately in Macedonia,... Read more