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Bulgarian Spa Tourism

According to  the report announced by the chairman of the National  Association for Spa Tourism Stanimir Stankov , more than 128 000 tourists have  visited Bulgarian spa hotels during the last year.
He has outlined the three most popular spa resorts in Bulgaria – Velingrad, Sandanski and Hisaria. Vyrshetz also has great potential but has not been developed enough yet . For example after the spa hotels where developed in Velingrad  the number of tourists visiting the town has increased with more than 35%.
The Bulgarian Tourist  Agency has published that more than 13% from all Bulgarian tourists and 18% from the foreign ones pay attention to the spa tourism  as concomitant to the summer or winter tourism.
At present Bulgaria has 58 resorts for balneotherapy and spa and this makes our country second in Europe after Iceland according to the number of hot mineral springs, which are the major prerequisite for the development of this kind of tourism.
From the Bulgarian Tourist Agency specified that the trend which is valid for rest of Europe, namely that spa resorts are being visited not only from people with health problems but for prevention and for pleasure as well, is now valid in Bulgaria as well! The efforts now are targeted to attract more tourists from Russia , Scandinavian countries and The  UK to the Bulgarian spa resorts.
It was officially announced today that from 11  till 13 of June in the Albena resort there will be an international conference  attended by Bulgarian and other Balkan and European  countries’ representatives involved in the spa tourism.
The Italian professor Fausto Fadjioli, as a  representative of the Italian Spa Tourism gave an opinion  that Bulgaria and Italy may cooperate  to create  and produce common tourist SPA products to be presented to the American tourists.