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Bulgara Property Renting Market

The renting market in Bulgaria is now due to start its real growth. After the real boom of the new developments in the country and the great property investments that have been made in Bulgaria the demand for good property management is already a fact. Those services are directly connected with the developing of the renting market. On its hand it might be devided in two major categories :

Holiday lettings and Residential lettings

Which one is more successfull? What is the property which will bring us more incomes and what is the guarantee? All these are the first questions that a property investor should think of before buying a property in Bulgaria. This appears to be a very extensive topic and depends on a lot of factots.

In modern life people start to be more and more demanding in the services they receive and for the quality of life they live. This comes to prove that the more our property is the more we will get from renting it.

Important points for holiday lettings are:

  • the location;
  • the utilities that the property/complex provide;
  • what amusements are available in the area
  • the quality of services that are available at that accomodation
  • the price

Of course this is not an exhaustive list and each point has wide meaning but this is the minimum you should offer! Said in a few words to be successfull in renting your holiday property in Bulgaria it has to meet the above requirements.

As to the other category of the property market The residential lettings things are a bit different.

This is most successfull in big cities and especially in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia.

This tendency is inseverably connected with the economical proceses in the country and is easy to be followed.

Sofia is the attraction center for all people who are searching for more proffesional opportunities, higher salaries and better quality of life. For these reasons a lot of bulgarians come to live in Sofia and leave their native cities. Most of them do not own a property in Sofia so this group creates very good conditions for the property renting market to develop.

The other considerable factor for the renting market in Sofia is the great foreign investment interest for Bulgaria which brought a lot of foreigners to live and work in our country. Most of those people come from Western Europe and in pursuit to keep their way of life they create a special segment in thes market. The apartments and houses that they rent have to meet all modern standards and relatively bring more incomes to their owners.