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Guest House in Bulgarian Country side

This amazing Guest House is located at the heart of Stara Planina Mountains in Bulgaria. It is four km away from the town of Teteven and about 120 km far from the country's capital Sofia.

This accommodation will charm you with various leisure and entertainment facilities.

One apartment and nine double bedrooms are available. Each of them is having its own bathroom, with availability of accommodating small groups and families. Every room has a satellite TV.

Restaurant available for events up to 25 people, There is also a wine Bar . The outside terraces are overlooking the surrounding nature and can take up to 100 people.

The Dining room area welcomes everyone who likes to stop for a fresh trout lunch or just admire the three natural shaped ponds with babies and adult trout fish. The bar offers wines and grapa ( rakia), as well as full range of spirits and bulgarian beer.

Status: 0 out of 1 appartments are occupied as of 11 May 09.
Address: (view map)
Types: 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom apartment, Bars and Restaurants.
Facilities: In fishing and Hunting Area, In The Countryside.
What to See and Do

The town of Teteven is located in Lovetch district. It is comfortably seated on the Beli Vit river-banks and is huddled up in the foot of the picturesque Teteven’s Mountain. The capital of Sofia is 116 km away.
Number of archeological founds and historical records evidence that the region has been populated since ancient times. Some of the most interesting findings have been discovered in the Morovitza, Bajovitza and Draganchovitza caves. There are a lot of Thracian funeral mounds. The scientists presume that the area has been inhabited by a famous Thracian tribe called Serdi. A roman settlement has also existed here. Prove for this are the remains of roman roads, bridges and observation turrets.
The existing settlement of Teteven is being formed during the period 11 – 14 century. The town’s history is kept and very felicitously represented in the local historical museum.
Other sights of interest with very high cultural value are : The Gallery of Arts, The Church “ Vsiah Svetih” and the small chapel next to it, as well as the Monastery “ St. Ilia” which was built in 14-th century. Number of antique houses are located in Teteven , namely: Bobevska, Jorgova and others. In the surroundings of the town the very famous Glozhen Monastery “ St George” which was built in 13-th century under the reign of Tzar Ivan Asen II.
Teteven is one of the most picturesque Bulgarian towns. The surrounding nature is gorgeous and really fascinating with its unique flora and fauna. Nearby Tzarichina natural reserve is located. There are more than 600 plant kinds some of which are included in the Red Book as protected sorts. Nice tourist tracks lead to the near by reserves “ Boatin” and “Goat’s wall” . The protected area “Black ridge” is a real paradise for the ornithologists.

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